Polymer Clay Kit For Bohemian Bracelet Necklace Making

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1. Waterproof and anti-mildew

2. Not easy to lose color or deformation

3. pvc environmental protection mixture no smell not pungent

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Model polymer clay kit
Size 6mm
Material polymer clay
Packaging Boxed
Colors 24 colors
Starting lot 10pcs
Product weight 350g
Scope of use Bracelet necklace making

What products are included in the polymer clay kit?
This set includes polymer clay 200pcs/per cell, 20 cells totaling 4000pcs, 60pcs of letter beads, 5 conch pendants, 5 starfish pendants, 25 lobster clasps, 50 square pendants, 50 iron rings, 50 wrapped clasps, 1 pair of scissors, 4 rolls of 0.8 elastic thread.


Will the box be damaged in transit and will the different colors of polymer clay be mixed together?
The box will not break easily and the beads of different colors will not be mixed together. All our boxes are wrapped with bubble wrap and shipped in cardboard boxes. All the jewelry inside the boxes are wrapped in bags and placed in a separate compartment.

What is the cost of proofing and what kind of customized needs can be achieved?
Proofing of this product is free of charge, shipping fee of 35$ is required. This product accepts tool replacement inside the set, box packaging customization, soft ceramic bead hole size customization, and jewelry accessories included in the set customization.

What is the delivery date?
In stock: 3-8 days; Customized: depending on the complexity of the design and the number of products.

What is the biggest advantage of Qiao on polymer clay kit?
Polymer clay kit is our newly developed product, which can be used to make the current popular bohemian style jewelry, perfect for customers who like to do DIY by themselves.
All the polymer clay in this kit is developed and produced by us, and then secondary processed by our machining center, taking advantage of the lower labor and material costs in China to provide a more competitive price for our customers.

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